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Hi, I'm Robert Jakobson.
If you're looking for me - you're either really bored or your looking for my resume or portfolio. Feel free to take a look around, download my resume, my vCard. Thanks.

  • NameRobert Jakobson
  • BirthdayApril 14, 1962
  • AddressTulalip/Redmond WA, United States
  • Phone+1 (425) 760 3549
  • Emailraj@rjakobson.com
  • Websitewww.rjakobson.com
  • See My Portfolio
  • See My Portfolio
  • See My Portfolio
Seattle/Redmond WA, United States


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My Card

  • NameRobert Jakobson
  • SkillsProgram Manager, Software Developer, UI / UX Designer, Digital Art (Video, Imagery), Writer, Curmudgeon.
  • AddressRedmond, WA, United States
  • Phone(425) 760-3549
  • Emailraj@rjakobson.com
  • Websitewww.rjakobson.com
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My Skills

PM Skills

  • Scrum / Agile
  • Waterfall
  • Team Foundation Server
  • Sharepoint
  • Communications
  • Reporting
  • Technical PM
  • Vendor-Customer Mgmt
  • Product


Graphic Tools and Skills

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • After Effects
  • Sketchbook
  • InDesign
  • LightRoom
  • Premier Pro
  • Flash
  • Acrobat Pro DC


  • VB.Net
  • C#
  • ASP
  • MS SQL
  • SQL
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • XML


  • UX / UI Design
  • Information Arch.
  • Usability Engineering
  • Prototype Engineering
  • HCI / ACI
  • Digital Graphics (Web)
  • Digital Graphics (Print)
  • 3D (ZBrush, etc)

About Me

Hi, My name is Robert Jakobson...

I am a Program Manager, a Designer, and Developer of software and other things.
What am I up to? What sort of jobs have I been offered lately? Click here...


Jan 2015 - Present

AT&T Corporation

Release Program Manager Common Platforms and Technology

Amdocs / SparInfo Sys

Schedule, Create Process, Maintain Process and Releases
• Establish process and methods for Releases, mentor and assist teams in moving to an Agile platform from Waterfall.

• Design and build out reporting automation allowing access to multiple online reporting systems to verify readiness for release schedules.
• Normal Release planning activities (Communications, Cadences, Planning) planning, resources, and driving teams and working with clients, vendors and stakeholders to achieve alignment on release activities.

Jul 2014 - Dec 2015

Microsoft Corporation

Program Manager – MSCIS


Drive and Manage Projects for Microsoft Supply Chain.
• Manage efforts and work with stakeholders (internal and external) on supply chain system opening the console and game market for Domestic China over multiple releases.
• Managed project planning, resources, and teams driving efforts internationally and coordinated with China partners.
• Consistently released on or ahead of schedule.

Highlights of project:

BesTV and Microsoft to bring Xbox One to China in September

Microsoft Launches Xbox One In China Today

2012 - Dec 2013

AT&T Global Services

Business Analyst / SME

APEX Systems

Create Business Requirements, software requirements and documentation for projects allowing enterprise level customers using third party procurement and payment processing systems to connect and do business with AT&T. 

Highlights of project:

Design and develop XSLT transformation tool system for multi-million dollar Corporate and Governement to accept multiple eCommerce inputs as EDI, XML and cXML and provide appropriate outbound eCommerce transactions.

  • Provide SME knowledge and mentoring for the creation, testing and troubleshooting XML, EDI, cXML (Ariba) Commerce systems.

    2012 - 2012

    Microsoft Corporation

    UX Development Design Evangelist – MSDN, Generation APP

    Worked directly with Developers coding applications for Windows 8 Apps to provide guidance and insure application quality for release of Windows 8 Apps to App Store. 
    • • Performed UX design analysis to insure apps presented to the store met quality control for impending Windows 8 release and assure that apps available to users followed design guidance.
    • UX Design and Guidance for over 100 apps, providing direction and suggestions to migrate existing designs from Windows 7 to the new Windows 8 interface guidelines. 


    2011 - 2012


    Program Manager Windows Azure Fabric Team

    Aditi Consulting

    Responsible for designing and creating reporting and analytics tools for Windows Azure Fabric Team. These included analysis of incoming errors and processes, TFS items and bug tracking systems to determine and create Automation rule structures to provide correct responses for operations teams.
    • Created Data pump Application for retrieval and analysis of data from TFS into SQL Azure databases.
    • Created dynamic SRSS Reporting templates to interact with SQL Azure data.

    2010 - 2011


    Program Manager - Microsoft Global Networking Services

    Chameleon Technologies

    • Program Manager / SCRUM Master for SDLC and UAT environments for the GNS Tools Team. • Scrum Master • Provide reporting, status and updates to management. • Create and provide process and documentation for Disaster Recovery of all tools. • Provide direct consulting on customer specific integrations.

    In addition to usual scrum master and PM duties, I handled some development and SME work on specific SharePoint sites for our department and external groups which required assistance. I also created several reporting tools which worked with internal sites and merged the data with TFS reports. Also responsible for development of scripting and reporting duties for other teams which required specialized tools.

    2008 - 2010

    AT&T Global Services

    Premier Integration Product Manager

    Insight Global

    Product Manager handling support systems, testing, technical design approval of AT&T Wireless Premier eCommerce integration.  Review, architecture, design and direct management of over 75 Fortune 500 customers.  Automation of Business To Business systems for new customers to integrate with AT&T.  Design/Developer of Business To Business cXML validation, verification and testing tools and processes.  Provide direct consulting on customer specific integrations. Technologies that were used included: ATG Dynamo, Oracle Database, direct PunchOut support with cXML, XML and OCI, to Ariba Supplier Network, Oracle Supplier Network, Oracle Exchange, Perfect Commerce, and direct bridging to AT&T systems. Designed; established process, procedures, technologies, and architecture required for internal and external clients to work with AT&T procurement integration. Developed several original tools for testing and diagnosis of Java, JSP, XML, cXML, OXTA interactions with various eCommerce Supplier networks and also customer “home grown” procurement systems .


    2007 - 2008


    Program Manager, Windows Unlimited Potential

    Volt Technical Services

    Program Manager responsible for development and delivery of hardware drivers and applications on special version of Windows XP Professional for “Netbooks” and the (One Laptop Per Child) OLPC XO-1.

  • Manage and Deliver driver development for hardware needs of the XO-1 and “Small Footprint Devices” a.k.a. “Netbooks”.
  • Make sure that the OS achieved or exceeded feature parity with native Linux interfaces. Working with and driving multiple internal and external hardware software vendors and delivery teams.
  • Perform project scheduling, driving milestones, overcoming extensive technological obstacles from M2 to M5, RTM and RTW of the project.

  • This project received significant internal and external visibility and exposure and required an extreme degree of confidentiality be maintained.

    An added element of this project was working directly with the OLPC organization, a global high profile nonprofit OpenSource group that was suspicious and often contrarian to us initially. This required maintaining and growing relationships, trust and knowledge transfer channels that were completely new for both groups.

    The project was received in the press as surprising success. In many areas the XP OS developed was not only faster than its Linux based XO UI but had more features and functionality.

    Additional roles on this project included

  • UI/UX Designer
  • for Icons and Graphics on the the GamePad application.
  • UX, UI for Driver Help screens and dialog boxes.
  • PM and Localization Engineering of software drivers
  • Provided technical consulting and assisted directly with user beta tests and case studies with users for field tests.
  • Assisted vendors with guidance through WHQL Certifications and obtaining WHQL Errata for drivers where necessary.
  • 2006 - 2007


    Program Manager, Windows International | Localization Tools Team

    Responsible for the development and deployment of recycling strategies and tools for the LocTools platform.

  • PM assigned to UI on LCXAdmin, LocStudio and LocProject 6.0 and 6.1 releases.
  • Role included creation of functional specs, UI design and customer contact with Office, Windows, MSDN, MSN/Windows Live, and internal software customers of Microsoft. This work was directly responsible for allowing Microsoft Software to be localized to more cultures than any other software on the planet.

    2006 - 2007


    Freelance Work

    LionBridge / Gambro | Web Clients

    Worked on various projects for small to medium sized companies throughout the Rocky Mountain by working on development projects with new technologies in Construction, eCommerce and Medical Devices.  Redesign of web based applications for construction firms using ASP and XML to MS SQL Databases.  Redesign of UX/UI Web Applications with FLASH (ActionScripted interfaces), SOAP, for SAS, SOA technologies.  UX and UI redesign of Medical Device GUIs using C#, VB.NET, Win32 API and GDI / GDI+ on a globalization and localization SOA clients.

    2005 - 2005


    SME Heterogenous Software

    SoftSol Resources

    Provide expertise and mentoring on design, development and deployment of the SPS 2.0 Heterogeneous offering.  Responsible assistance and guidance to the SPS team to bring them to RR (Revenue Ready) Status for funding.

     Contract extended to assist achieving the Pilot and GA release phases.

    Work involved consulting on the development of required components of the SPS 2.0 (Sun Predictive Services) for Heterogeneous Services. This included both technical and subject matter expertise in the development of specialized applications and processes required. Secondary to this role, assisted with project planning, functional design, technical deadlines and tracking of the applications required to allow the projects go forward and achieve the RR, Pilot and GA funding.

    2000 - 2005

    IBM Global Services

    eCommerce Solutions, Sr. IT Specialist / Achitect

    (Multiple Job Roles as Assigned to Project)
  • Lead Tool Application Developer for VSA (RT Audit, WinAudit and WinCWA).
  • Creator, Designer and Developer of passive security and auditing tools an single sign-on solutions tools used by accounts globally responsible for several patents, and providing massive reductions in costs while increasing uptime and productivity.
  • Highlights:
    Application / Architectural Consultant / Development Specialist Roles:
  • American Express, Avaya, Bank One, Johnson & Johnson, Lucent Technologies, Rational Software, State of California, NBA, Sony, eCommerce and Critical situation issues specialist.
  • 911 SWAT (On Site Field Team) Rebuild, Redesign and IBM Customers destroyed in 911. In 14 days after 9/11 assigned to teams to rebuild and restore infrastructures for businesses destroyed in WTC bombings and return Wall Street to operational trading.
  • eCommerce and Web “Guru” for multiple help desk systems with some of IBMs largest CRM client infrastructures
  • 2000 - 2000


    Consulting Specialist for Web Transition and Database Issues

    Managed and led transition, redesign and optimization of 43,000 web site, mail and individual user virtual domains. Movement of systems from Vancouver BC to Sunnyvale, CA USA facilities. This included reverse engineering of code bases, documentation of code, redesign of sites, added functionalities. Also provided consulting on web/data interfaces, web administration tools, performance tuning of servers and code. (Company has been sold and is now Net Identity.)

    1998 - 2000

    IBM Global Services

    Web Application Developer / Architect

    Implementation of five major web applications, development and rollout, two code rollovers.
  • (Class C) Networkmigration - W/simultaneous web tool migration for a 24 hour window.
  • Lucent Helpdesk code re-deployment of both web and desktop-based clients. Along with creation of self-installing copy protected modules in native code and Installshield w/authenticated web installations
  • .
  • Debugging & troubleshooting existing and untested applications for leaks, faulty & redundant web and desktop code.
  • Database and network performance issue location / resolution.
  • White Paper On the tuning, debugging and identification of Server issues, User interface issues, Server installation issues.
  • Developing test cases, testing and reporting metrics of performance evaluations.
  • 1996 - 1998


    CIO / Chief Design Development Operations Engineer

    Firehole was one of the first companies to enter the ISP / Web Hosting arena in the Wyoming / Utah / Colorado region.

    Its performance was respectable -- increasing investor profits over 200% in the first year.

    Under my direction Firehole began engineered Domain Hosting methods. This increased profits another 120% the following year.

    The success of the company allowed it to be sold in 1998 garnering a 234% profit for investors.

    Special Projects


    Set Designer

    Glacier Peak High School

    Designer... 5th Avenue Award Nominee
    A lot of my spare time last year was helping out Glacier Peak High School on their plays designing and constructing their sets. 

    These included "You Can't Take It With You" and "Suessical The Musical" which was nominated for a number of 5th Avenue Awards

    It was an incredible honor to have been nominated as for Outstanding Set Design for Suessical. 


    Job Hunter

    Job Hunter began as a very simple tool - and a chance to play with the idea of using basic AI principles to create an email reader to detect emails I actually wanted to read.

    It uses an Outlook addin to perform context senstive searches, and ranks the email on criteria in an external database. Which, in simple english means it doesn't just look for emails with specific words, it actually looks for how those words are used and the context in which they are used and compares them to known emails I am interested in.

    It then displays them in a task pane that lets me review the rates offered against similar postions and trends with companies, recruiters and the job market as it directly relates to me.

  • More side projects to come...
    - cXML Readers
    - Text Parsing using Smit-Waterman algorithms
    - Context matching with Levenshtein Distances
    -UI designs

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    My Office, Tulalip, WA 98271

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    Who I am...

    I am a Software Program Manager, a Developer, a Designer and anything else that gains my attention.

    When I was a kid, I saved and struggled through 3 teen jobs and untold odd jobs back in the 80's to get my first computer. 

    Computers were cool.  Computers were the future. 

    It came in pieces.  Literally, chips and pc boards and so on.  You had to assemble them yourself.   That's how they were.  I knew… nothing about any of that.  So I learned.  

    That was your choice. You wanted it to work?  You build it and then you type in the Operating System – by hand – the first time. 
    You had to earn your geekdom.  I say this not to brag,  even a little.  But if you want to know who I am – that's me. 

    I did that.   I was one of 'those' kids.   Just smart enough to want the future, not smart enough to know how to make it happen – but willing to go through anything to make it happen.

    Computers were cool. Technology was cool.  That was our future.
    It still is. Every cloud, every quantum qbit, every thing no one has heard of yet. It's all cool. And I want to do it all.

    That's who I am. 
    I am the kid that never gave up wanting the future…
    and I'm still waiting on my Jet-Pack.

    What do I do...

    So are you a Designer, or a Developer or a Program Manager???

    I am all of those things, and probably a few more. I have been blessed to work with a long career in Information Technology.

    That's a very large area and there's not one part of it that I love any more than any of the others. It's the projects that appeal to me -- the jobs, I will always find something about to love. Excite me with what we're going to do and I will give you 10,000% effort in anything.

    Why you're here...
    And things for Recruiters below...

    That... is an excellent question.

    One which I am completely unable to answer as this is a web page. It's not psychic and neither am I - so I have no answer to why you're here.

    How you got here - is because you clicked on a link (by your own choice) or someone (me perhaps) sent you here... or ... maybe you lost a bet and tried that "Surprise Me" Google thing... hard to say.

    In any case - Welcome.

    My Biography...

    I am often a Program or Product or Project Manager, or a Software Developer, a User Experience and User Interface designer.
    I've done all those things. More than once.

    When that isn't filling my time ... I'm a sometime graphic artist, video artist and have even been known to volunteer with local schools designing and building sets and props and what not for theatre groups, I'm active online with computer groups and gaming startups oh... and I do consulting from time to time.

    My original background was in Film and Television... I even have a listing at IMDB for a low budget horror film I worked on many years ago. I never did much with film after that - largely because it didn't pay. But I do still keep my creative side active and have fun.

    Over the years, I've done some writing under the name of "Mike November"... it was fun, but similarly not a particularly high paying job. At least not high enough to give up working in Software and Technology.

    I like to keep busy as you may have guessed, and this is more of a personal site - than a professional one.

    But most people who come here are recruiters or people trying to offer me a job so without any further adieu...

    Questions I always get asked...
    by Recruiters...

    Am I available?

    I have currently completed a contract, so am very definitely looking for my next great job.

    What kind of work are you looking for?

    I'm not sure. I really enjoy Program Management and Buisness Analysis, but Development and Design work are really rewarding, so I enjoy doing all of those roles.

    Most contracts have either a 6 or 12 month term. (I do not accept contracts which are fewer than 6 months - they're far too problematic. 1099 contracts unless the rate is insanely high, similarly have issues. If you're passing the cost off to me, then I have to adjust to make up for the cost. -- Just being honest there.)

    My preference is either a long term contract, or work as a regular employee.

    That's not as common as it once was for people like me with a long and diverse set of skills. But yeah I would definitely go back to being a 'blue badge' if the job is right.

    Are you a U.S. Resident?


    Are you willing to relocate?

    Only if paid a lot of money to do so. It's not out of the question, but its also very expensive for me.

    Are you willing to Travel?

    I enjoy travel, used to do it a lot for my job. So provided it's within reason the answer is yes. Being gone every week is a bit much. I'd consider up to 50-60%.

    What are you looking for in your next job?

    I have worked in design, development, deployment and management of software. I love all of those roles - they all have strengths and weaknesses. None do I prefer over the others.

    I want to have fun where I work. I want to work with highly skilled professionals. I want to break new ground and be able to push envelopes. I like having projects that you want to put on your resume and brag about.

    If what you're offering doesn't line up to that - then try money.

    Money is always a good encentive.

    Money, and/or offering to let me drive the Batmobile.

    Or giant robots...

    I'm a sucker for giant robots, if there's like a giant robot or a Batmobile where you work... I am there!

    If that fails to pique my interest...

    You might also try telling me "This is for Science!!!" in a really dramatic voice. (It won't work - but it will be amusing for one of us.)

    What rates would I consider?

        My Current Rate:   $50-$65/hr W2 + Insurance                   
    I base all my rates off of average wages for someone of my experience, in my area, which is the Greater Seattle area.

    If your location is in Downtown Seattle - then the cost there just went up another $5/hr to cover parking.

    Will I consider a lower rate?

    What rates would I consider?

    Those are my rates.

    Are you sure?


    You're like... really, really, really sure?

    Yes. I am really really sure... Those are my rates.

    Would you like to drive a Batmobile?


    Sure. Do you own a Batmobile?

    ....I think we're done here.