Who is representing me?  How current is this data?

  1. Who represents me for what position? I can't tell you... and I won't.
    I don't tell anyone who I've given a right to represent.  There are, if you're a recruiter, legal reasons why I can't share that information. The reason you see this listed here... is because I've had issues with recruiters in the past who accidentally submitted me to the same place, for the same position.  So now I'm a bit more careful.  I ask for position reference numbers, and provide those here, so if you are a recruiter you can check to see if someone else has already contacted me about the positon. But I won't tell you who, and I can't tell you where - specifically. I can tell you I've been contacted about a positon with a company, and the reference number, but that's all.

  2. How Current is the data you're seeing here?
    I update this via a MS Outlook Add-in I've created that allows me to read emails from recruiters, categorize them, and then respond. Which, yes, I did actually code both it, and I also wrote (and maintain) my own MS SQL Server, as well as a MySQL and Azure based databases. This particular tool - uses both stored procedures and SQL commands from the ASP.NET application, and also from the Outlook Add-in.

    I created an MS Outlook VTSO add-in. (Yeah, I know - bizare as it seems I'm a PM who can really can do all the stuff in my resume, like, write applications and things... and ... stuff.

    Where, I may not be the hottest coder around, and trust me, I'm not - I do keep my hand in things by actually building things)

    Anyway... my app allows me to read emails, and submit the data to the database here and... there it is.  So the info here is very current. These are not the only positions I've been contacted on. Just the ones which I'm currently up for and reviewing, I try to make a point to provide both myself and recruiters the most accurate information I can without compromising any private data.

    I also, as you can see from the screen shot, get a lot of requests from recruiters. Sometimes these are Developer positions, other times there are a lot of requests for Program and Project management. Sometimes I get a lot of requests for UX/UI and in all cases - I may get 3-5 responses about the same job from different recruiters.

    For this reason - I created this process. I had too many recruiters who 'had exclusives on the position' which, they really didn't. They may think they do - but my email inbox says otherwise. So, I track who I actually have given a right to represent for them.

  3. What does Active / Right to Represent Mean?
    If a position is listed as "Active" it means I'm actively in talks about the position but have not given an exclusive right to represent - I may even decline or reject the job if I don't feel I'm a good fit for it or know someone who can do the job better.

    If you see "Right to Represent" it means I've given an exclusive right to represent for that position (and that position only) with a company.