Who is representing me?  How current is this data?

  1. Who represents me for what position? I can't tell you... and I won't.
    I don't give out the name of any firm representing me to a client, other than to the client.  Please don't ask me who I've given a right to represent to as it is very unprofessional to do so, and I won't tell you.

  2. How Current is the data you're seeing here?

    It is updated  by an MS Outlook Add-in I created.  It reads emails from recruiters, categorizes them, and then responds, so basically as soon as I read an email - it responds.

    And, yes, I did actually code it.  I also created my own MS SQL Server backend, as well as MySQL and Azure based databases used for my blogging and other tools.

    This particular tool makes us of both stored procedures and SQL commands from the ASP.NET application, and also from the Outlook Add-in.